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Table 3 Top-10 ranked pathways for survival prediction in GBM by PASNet

From: PASNet: pathway-associated sparse deep neural network for prognosis prediction from high-throughput data

Pathway name Pathway size Reference Top-5 ranked genesa
Signaling by GPCR 920 [33] SHH, PTGFR, GNG5, CHRM5, LHB
GPCR downstream signaling 805 [50] PTGFR, OR7C2, GNG5, OR10H3, MLNR
Innate immune system 933 [35] CD79B, INPPL1, SRC, NUP85, DNM2
Adaptive immune system 539 [51] CD79B, ASB6, PTEN, NCF4, FBXO2
Metabolism of carbohydrates 247 - HS3ST3B1, NUP85, PFKFB3, LUM, SLC2A4
Transmembrane transport of small molecules 413 [52] SLC9A7, ABCA7, GNG5, AQP8, HK3
Developmental biology 396 - NRP2, FES, WNT10B, MYOD1, SLC2A4
Metabolism of proteins 518 - EIF3G, CCT2, TIMM22, RPL3L, GMPPA
Class A/1 (rhodopsin-like receptors) 305 [53] PTGFR, OPRD1, CHRM5, NPFF, NTSR2
Axon guidance 251 [54] NRP2, NRTN, AGRN, FES, RPS6KA4
  1. aThe genes were ranked by absolute weights in the pathways