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Table 5 The ten highest ranked domain-domain interactions. The ten highest ranked domain-domain interactions from the Bayesian approach which are not in iPfam. iPfam_2005 represents domain interactions found in updated version of iPfam (Oct 2005 version).

From: An integrated approach to the prediction of domain-domain interactions

Domain 1   Domain 2   iPfam_2005
Pfam ID Accession Pfam ID Accession  
WD40 PF00400 Pkinase PF00069  
zf-C2H2 PF00096 Pkinase PF00069  
zf-C3HC4 PF00097 zf-C3HC4 PF00097  
F-box PF00646 Skp1_POZ PF03931  
zf-C4 PF00105 Hormone_recep PF00104 x
SMC_hinge PF06470 SMC_N PF02463 x
Cation_ATPase_N PF00690 Cation_ATPase_C PF00689  
MutS_V PF00488 MutS_I PF01624  
Cadherin PF00028 Cadherin_C PF01049  
dsrm PF00035 dsrm PF00035 x