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Table 5 Top 5 predictions of each type for the 606 proteins without prior knowledge.

From: Predicting multiplex subcellular localization of proteins using protein-protein interaction network: a comparative study

Type Protein(ORF) Prediction UniProt SGD
Correct Q0045 mitochondrion Mitochondrion inner membrane. mitochondrion (IDA)
  Q0080 mitochondrion Mitochondrion membrane. mitochondrion (IDA)
  YAL020C cytoplasm   cytoplasm (IDA, IPI)
  YAL029C bud Bud. cellular bud (IDA)
cellular bud tip (IDA)
  YBL041W cytoplasm;
endoplasmic reticulum membrane (IC)
nucleus (IC)
Partial Correct YAL042W ER Endoplasmic reticulum membrane;
Golgi apparatus membrane
ER to Golgi transport vesicle (IDA)
integral to endoplasmic reticulum membrane (IDA)
integral to Golgi membrane (IDA)
  YBL088C cytoplasm;
nucleus (IC)
mitochondrion (IDA)
  YBR020W cytoplasm;
  cytoplasm (IGI)
  YBR072W cytoplasm   cytoplasm (IDA)
nucleus (IDA)
  YBR108W actin;
Membrane raft;
Peripheral membrane protein
actin cortical patch (IDA)
colocalizes-with membrane raft (IDA)
Mismatch YAL003W cytoplasm   ribosome (TAS)
  YAL028W cytoplasm;
Endoplasmic reticulum membrane endoplasmic reticulum (IDA)
  YAL030W lipid particle Endomembrane system cellular bud neck (IDA)
endosome (IDA)
plasma membrane (IDA)
trans-Golgi network (IDA)
transport vesicle (IDA)
  YAL040C cytoplasm   nucleus (IDA, IMP)
  YAL062W actin;
  nucleus (IDA)
mitochondrion (IDA)
Unknown Q0120   Mitochondrion. mitochondrion (IDA)
  YAL034C nucleus   
  YAR018C spindle pole   
  YAR027W   Nucleus membrane;
Cell membrane
nuclear envelope (IDA)
  YAR042W   Cytoplasm
Golgi apparatus membrane
Nucleus outer membrane
early endosome (IDA)
endoplasmic reticulum (IDA)
Golgi trans cisterna (IDA)
nuclear envelope (IDA)
  1. In this table, "UniProt" means the subcellular localization in general annotation (comments) in UniProt Database [25]. "SGD" means the cellular component of GO annotation in SGD database [26]. Each type corresponds to different situation of the match between our prediction and the experiment validation.