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Table 6 Classification for the selected unclassified target domains

From: Automatic structure classification of small proteins using random forest

Target PDB Id PDB Title Predicted Classification (sunid) Template
2JZ6 50S ribosomal protein L28 Scop_cf DNA/RNA-binding 3-helical bundle (46688) 1SAN, 1HOM
   scop_cf Spectrin repeat-like (46965) 1CUN, 1U4Q
2K2D C-terminal domain of human pirh2 scop_cf Cupredoxin-like (49502) 1V54, 1OCR, 2DYS, 1OCC
   scop_cf Rubredoxin-like (57769) 2EIM, 2DYS, 1OCZ
   scop_cf Glucocorticoid receptor-like (DNA-binding domain) alpha+beta metal(zinc)-bound fold (57715) 1B8T
2K5J Protein yiiF Uncharacterised protein scop_cf DNA/RNA binding 3 helical bundle (46688) 1FJL, 1MBJ, 2DS5
   scop_sf "Winged helix" DNA binding domain (46785) 2GZW
   scop_cf Albumin binding domain like (46996) 1GJS(T), 1J78, 1MA9
2RPJ Fn 14 Cystein Rich Domain (CRD) scop_sf t-snare proteins (47661) 1S94, 1EZ3, 1BR0
   scop_cf Spectrin repeat-like (46965) 1E2A, 2E2A
2ZM6 30 S ribosomal subunit Different scop_fa covering 22 lineages of various Ribosomal protein S(2-20) families* 1HNW, 2UU9, 1IBL
2F4V, 1XNQ, 2HGP, 2HGI
3BPJ Human translation initiation factor 3 scop_cf Long alpha hairpin fold (46556)** 2OTJ, 1YHQ, 1VQK
   scop_cf Tetracyclin repressor-like (48497) 1ZK8
3H3M Flagellar protein FliT scop_fa Voltage-gated potassium channels (81323) 2HVK, 1JVM, 1R3J 1K4D
   scop_cf Spectrin repeat-like (46965) 1G73, 1FEW
   scop_fa MIT domain (116847) 1YXR
3ERM Conserved protein with unknown function scop_fa Myb/SANT domain (46739) 1IDY, 1MSE, 1MBJ
   scop_cf alpha-alpha superhelix (48370) 1HF8, 1HG5, 1HFA
   scop_fo Spectrin repeat-like (46965) 1E2A, 2E2A
3GI7 Secreted protein of unknown function scop_cf DNA/RNA-binding 3-helical bundle (46688) 1P7I, 2HDD, 1DU0, 1FTT
  1. Predicted classification for the selected unclassified target domains based on the classified domains (Template). Scop_cf= SCOP Fold, scop_sf = SCOP super-family and scop_fa = SCOP family.* Additional file 2 (2ZM6),** Additional file 3 (3BPJ).